Sequence 01, 2023

Video, scanned risoprint frames


Created in response to news coverage of a missile that struck a Polish grain silo and killed two people in 2022. Words from news coverage of the event shift between the empty space of two topographical maps—a map of the location where the missile landed and a map of the location where I heard the news coverage of the event. 

As I heard this news story retold by sources with different political positions, I became increasingly frustrated with the way narrative and “truth” was shaped by global interests and power. I wanted to continue to reproduce this information until it took a form stripped of any of its original meaning, freeing it from the constraints of outside interests.

My process involved coding a shifting svg map in browser, altering a screen recording of this in various Adobe programs, risoprinting every altered frame, scanning each risoprint, and compiling the prints into a stop motion video.